zondag 19 augustus 2007

Pacific City Sound Visions Festival,
August 28th and 29th, both evenings start at 19:00h
Den Haag,

Two days of ParrotVisions :
Chrystal Maze (Steven Warwick)
Miles Devens (Ignatz)
Pulsating In The Eyes Of Vision (Oceanic Wildlife)
Mik Quantius (Embryo)
Family Battle Snake
Vodka Soap
James Ferraro
Frozen Corpse
Riff Drivel (Mean Motion)
Odigh (ROT)
W.ravenveer (Shattered Minds)

Pacific City Archive DJs:
Olivier Thys, Jelle Crama, Charles Berlitz!, Bart Sloow, Keith Richards, JC Peavey and Jim Morrison.

All artists will be exhibiting and showcasing previously unheard works, both audio recordings and visual.
The festival will be held at an indoor beach (pay beach) in The Hague , Netherlands, the ticket for two days including food (pizzies!) and a poncho hammock is 10 euros.
No food tickets for two days 10 euros.
No food , no poncho hammock, one day, 6 euros.
No food, one day, with poncho hammock 7 euros Fifty.
All interested parties (ticket reserve) are to contact Charles Berlitz at wodichill@yahoo.com

Pacific City sound descriptions

Miles Devens
Pacific City Provence: Heide Cove.
Miles “Ignatius” Devens ever so a wanderer amongst the natural habitat of the heide and water night sky caves to be found under the dunes on which the heide grow. Sounds coming from the life of these twonatural phenomenon and the longing for the atlanticwoman. Since having found her, he seems to continue the reveries of his guitar percussion and keyboardpalm wavers for night time desert trippers anonymous.

Pacific City Provence: Ciudad de Naranja.
Very near Heide cove, ciudad de naranja tends to be amore colorful provence distinguished by its tent inhabitants who live outside in order to have nature inform them of their endeavors. Fyoelk seems to have appeared in many different forms with his music, while his province tends to relate more to the panflute and banjo duets, he seems to have taken this task upon himself, directing both instruments at once as a puppeteer might space quest the sky spirits that are to be seen only from Ciudad de Naranja.

Vodka Soap
Pacific City Provence: Sing Sing Whiel, Sun Gong.
Inhabits the image of Whispers, the spiritual guide of The Skaters, Charles Berlitz of vodka soap is a collector of chandeliers; a collection which has been come to be considered as the Parallel Visitation, or simultaneous hallucination, a certain reference to the ritual of searchers of the mid point of trance and mediation, and the guide to this area of space station limbo. Berlitz believes the inner world of the chandelier symbolizes the brains fourth dimensional consciousness and its traveling experience and mediation with the outside world. The glares of the chandeliers chrystal light beams are what is believed to trigger mid point trance mediation inducers. Of late he has been collaborating with monopoly child and black joker for the more tropical barbecue pit leviations.

James Ferraro
Pacific City Province: Sing Sing(Aloha Mind States).
World renown Dj JC Peavey and Ferraro have been tuning soundtracks to Pacific City Video Foundation for some months now, and although he will not be in person, JC Peavey will, and Ferraro’s Lamborghini Chrystal project will be presented in all its minds fascination. A devotional to Alien Visitation amongst the Aloha Mind States and by far the most eternal peace chillers experienced within the demon possession palm frawned prawn sticked chanters of this era.

Peace A Pizza Frozen Corpse
Pacific City Province: Tunnel Jetty,Jowia River.
One of the few duos performing at this years PacificCity Sound Visions festival, Frozen Corpse present demon chatter in its forms of repeated metal slurs of the incense smoke and equal now. A hypnosis is acquired by their mediations that leads to the individual and communities known excorcisms, as reliving the excorcism as rite passage(similar to DiaDe Los Muertos). The jowai river province has a greathistory of chrystal keyboard manufactures and thesefarmers have great history within this ever growing artist industry.

Pacific City Province: Kahona Ridge ,Gahdad.
Interesting himself in the tradition of archetype vine circuitry is not surprising as this provinces inhabitants , once settled, were immediately focused on the environments extra sensory interception of humans, and their mediation centers. There seems to be an oasis(or plural oasis) of documentations of the artisit in this province who have a direct sense of fourth dimensional interaction with the natural phenomenon of the Kahona Ridge area. Christophes employs circuitry that has no use in other provinces, Azalea and Madrigal meters are just a start and it is certain that , with the abundance of the artist in his remote region , there exists an intent that hardly resembles the intent of surrounding regions, while the practicing artists are quite unaware of this seemingly undeniable reality.

Chrystal Maze
Pacific City Province: Cetua Canyon, Llama Mountain.
Within this mountainous area there has been an abundant chyrstal crop that, farmers of the region,have used as a source for most of their inspiration. It appears that , many, over the years have used this to their advantage, a sort of explotation of oneself, while Steven comes from a more ingrained background of intuitve generosity towards the traditional aspects of chrystal mining spirituals. The dress and attitudeof this area is distinct and cannot be represented by any other artist than Chrystal Maze.

Family Batle Snake
Pacific City Province: Winapu Caverns , Wash Basin City.
A face to match the artistry is of little consequence bay. Winapu Caverns artists prefer what is called Shadow Talking, a term that literally describes their inspiration. Existing off the Plato myth of consciousness expansion directed through layered speak with shadows within their immense underground cavenetwork. “Touch my Cheak Before You leave” is the phrase uttered to begin the ceremonies that lead to the binding ritual actions that offer breath and consants as the melody to lift their spirit meditationthat echoes for the communities well-being as the pacific city saying, which echoes the brain echoes the appearance of the workings of our people.

Pulsating In The Eyes of Vision
Pacific City Province: Angel’s Bay, Delfin.
The only region where societies center is fully devotex to the outer gateways of inter and outer species communication utilizes its artist for exactly this. While all mediums direct their spontaneity and creativity to this communication, the sound givers are of utmost consequence as they travel to other areas of pacific city in order to breed the learning that has been passed down by the aquatic wildlife ofthe area. The music is comprised of a musical interpretation for the linguistic paths of the natural aquatic phenomenon of Angels ‘s Bay. A music of Peace and Legalization!

W.Raveneer Pacific
City Province: Dimensions End, Saint Pasqua.
The heighth of this region allows the artists to experience and be directly drawn to the curvature of the earth. Their music seems to be at the wish of the geographical definition that surrounds them, which to an outsider , appears as one endless cliff over-looking yet another spheric plane after another. We understand their logic as a direct result of the geographics , but at the same time it is certain that their inherent knowledge of lending sounds to outer visions mirros what one would imagine to exist elsewhere, on another plane aperature within a galaxy not far from Upper Incline.

Bridget Hayden
Pacific City Province: Hanna, Tantric Layer.
A desolate region that has occupants and artists relying on the stars for thought. There are a numerous number of string instruments to regarded, this being so, there exists a variety of stringed instruments that each deem a certain constellations-form by octave and natural tuning. Pacific City choose this artist as representing a variety of these constellations as they have chosen an immense path of expression rather than centering on one of the many constellations of stars.

Mik Quantius
Pacific City Province : Sensais River, Antluapas.
A community isolated, all known inhabitants appear as tricksters within the context of pacific city as a whole. There exists no equivalent within the continent,and can only be comparable to the Fatua region of Atlantis from many cycles ago. The musicians from this area play no instruments, or rather play all instruments, so it is an inconvenience to predict what will be presented by this artist, who has come from a path that allies him with Krishna and Duchamp without needing either of the aforementioned individuals to be considered.
Expect immediate mediation!

Riff Drivel
Pacific City Province: Lower Mesa , Apachuan.
A rather surprising region dictates a rhythmic pattern of simplicity yet undercurrented murk that cannot be recognized with the direct time of now, as most experiences of this provinces music seem to be informed later on within ones experiences of what follows. The music seeming to fortell and implicate a future, something that is incomparable with the rest of pacific city. A frentic “Cane Madness” occurs some hours after having experienced the stringed percussion, as the musicians of this region only fortell the future and cannot tell the present as it is seen as not in their view. To be comparable withthe Antluapas and Heide Cove provinces, a collabo!

Native American Journalist, Charles “Sam Reaches” Berlitz