zondag 19 augustus 2007

Pacific City Sound Visions Festival,
August 28th and 29th, both evenings start at 19:00h
Den Haag,

Two days of ParrotVisions :
Chrystal Maze (Steven Warwick)
Miles Devens (Ignatz)
Pulsating In The Eyes Of Vision (Oceanic Wildlife)
Mik Quantius (Embryo)
Family Battle Snake
Vodka Soap
James Ferraro
Frozen Corpse
Riff Drivel (Mean Motion)
Odigh (ROT)
W.ravenveer (Shattered Minds)

Pacific City Archive DJs:
Olivier Thys, Jelle Crama, Charles Berlitz!, Bart Sloow, Keith Richards, JC Peavey and Jim Morrison.

All artists will be exhibiting and showcasing previously unheard works, both audio recordings and visual.
The festival will be held at an indoor beach (pay beach) in The Hague , Netherlands, the ticket for two days including food (pizzies!) and a poncho hammock is 10 euros.
No food tickets for two days 10 euros.
No food , no poncho hammock, one day, 6 euros.
No food, one day, with poncho hammock 7 euros Fifty.
All interested parties (ticket reserve) are to contact Charles Berlitz at wodichill@yahoo.com

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